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Hello monster 20072  ㅣ  조회수 4359
Hi. Title is 'Hello, monster'. -Short story- One day , a girl lose roadside. The girl wandered for a long time. And the girl entered a mountain deep cave . The girl met huge monster in cave deep place. The monster was sealed by Gods during immemorial time. The girl had some magic. A girl became a friend with the huge monster gradually. That accomplish monster's root was 'Evil'. The 'Evil' disappear. Monster's wicked fellow mind disappeared gradually. And terminated the monster's life gradually. I doing 3d illustration,and created short story. Software Used: 3Ds max9 , Photoshop Thanks!
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너구리 (IP:2c44de53fa) 2014.12.04 23:51
아! 어쩐지 들어본 이름이다 싶더니. 작품보니까 알겠네요. 맥제에서 이 작품 기억납니다.
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